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Arms dealer Tony Abi Saab of Lebanon roams free and stronger than ever despite his company Brescia Middle East BME being implicated and banned in the US

US Army should learn from the mistake and deal with fraudsters such as Tony in a military Court

Corrupt contractors are not born overnight, they are the outcome of several years of negligence, lack of strict rules and punishment and complete ignorance of their misconduct by the federal government.

The federal contractors have fooled the US Government many in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East. One of the businessmen, Tony Abi Saab, a Lebanese, successfully defrauded the US Army of USD 5 Million and that too without completion of a single project.

Tony is a reputed black market arms dealer and his company Brescia Middle East, located in Lebanon sells guns, small weapons and military accessories across the globe. He owns a several companies in Europe and Lebanon. Through a complicated network of bogus shell companies, he smuggles weapons to the terrorist groups and pocket the profits.   The businessman’s misconduct and fraud were revealed after a global sting operation done by the FBI and the US Army. He was implicated along with his girlfriend who was caught red-handed with cash and valuable documents. Officials flew his girlfriend, Dinorah Cobos to Washington DC for a trial in a civil court and here she got a stood to and made a plea for torture and human rights violation.

Tony, while controlling the legal defence was Lebanon was well-acquainted with the loopholes in the US legal procedure. He left no stone unturned to bring the ball in her defence. He made her filed a plea against CIA citing illegal arrest, torture and even distorted evidence.

Tony further made sure none of the evidence collected by CIA is obtained from Syria and Europe and presented in the court; revealing his true identity. The evidence collected from the international countries against Tony was invalid in the civil court of the US but strong and valid in Afghanistan.

The shrewd businessman narrowly escaped from the clutches of authorities with mere an apology and minimum amount of fine. His company, Brescia Middle East (BME), however was banned from doing business in the United States. The fraudster still roams free and gets contracts from the government by using his shell companies established in Italy, Germany and other parts of Europe. Some of his business partners and associates are Umarex gmbh & co KG (Germany), Noble france sa (France), Benelli Armi, franchi division (Italy), Osmanli Arms, Istanbul and Konya Turkey, Emran arms, Banglades, Lobastov Ivan, Baikal Ltd, Izhevsk city (Russia), etc.

Had the US Army taken Tony’s case in the US military court in Afghanistan, the results would have been different. Tony would have been the recipient of a life imprisonment for bribery, fraud and supplying weapons to terrorist groups. People like Tony are the threat to the world’s peace. Such a greedy business also discourages and insults the efforts put by the brave soldiers who are sacrificing their lives in the battlefield.

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