February, 28 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

BME's connection to a multi-million dollar fraud

Tony Abi Saab and his banker friend’s involvement in money laundering

Money is the prime factor for indulging in any criminal activity, be it smuggling of arms or money laundering. Money-laundering is the technique through which criminals mask the unlawful origins of their wealth and safeguard their asset bases, so to avoid the suspicion of law enforcement agencies and avoid leaving a trail of convicting proof.

Tony Abi Saab, owner of Brescia Middle East (BME), known for illegal supply of weapons and was also accused in money laundering. One of Tony’s banker friends has been assisting him to open accounts and manage money in the bank that came by defrauding the US Government contract for 5 Million USD in Afghanistan for which Tony was arrested. The most surprising part is that the bank in which Tony has his account is one of the leading banks in Lebanon with an excellent reputation and good credit records. The bank has accounts for different shell companies that are closely affiliated to arms dealers. Regardless of the allegation and also arrest, the bank remained to handle the cash to disburse it to various other accounts for the illegal activities done by Tony.

Tony Abi Saab is perilous and strong-willed to ensure that global wars operations are a success. He was questioned up by several US agencies in an International sting operation done by the US Army and CIA. It was a great effort done by US international agencies namely the US Army, CIA, and FBI to catch a fraudster like Tony.

The capability to detect and stop money-laundering is a very reliable way of determining lawbreakers, terrorists, and the hidden activity from which money is acquired. The involvement of investigative techniques and intelligence can be one way of detecting and disrupting the operations of terrorists and their organizations. The United Nations is working closely to identify all the money laundering frauds done by swindlers like Tobi Abi Saab to punish them.

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